2 Meters Remote Control Curtain, Electric Roller Blinds, Electric Curtains, Motorized Roller Blinds, Motorized Curtains (HT200-2m)

- This model is 2 tubular tubes jointed by 180 degree connector.
- If you require different length, please visit our store or contact with us.

- Input voltage: 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
- Output voltage: 12VDC.
- Operation power:6W.
- Stand by power: 0.05W.
- Maximum remote distance:12M.
- Endurance of the motor: approximate 1000 hours
- Range of the blind width: 0.5-1.0M
- Maximum loading: 3-8Kgs
- Slim designed; weight and volume are 30% less than other similar product in the market.
- One remote control can operate 8 sets of units without interference each other.
- Open and close the roller blind by remote control or control pad.
- Stop at any prefers position.
- Simple and easy installation with driver and control system in one box.
- Installation is very easy for everyone.
- Safe and reliable designed with 12VDC transformer with GS, BS, CE or UL approval
- Automatic stop in 2 seconds when the curtain is fully opened or closed.
- Maximum width is 7 feet
- Could use 90, 135 and 180 degree join parts(optional) for the installation
- Infrared (IR) remote control.

Packing dimension: cartoon box.
a. One transmission box
b. One remote control
c. One control pad
d. One adaptor
e. One front shelf
f. One back shelf
g. One back wheel
h. Four pieces of screw
i. Four pieces of plastic plug
j. Two pieces of AA size battery
k. One piece of Aluminium tube (The length provided is standard
according to the specific model purchased as per packaging)
l. One piece of plastic bottom rod (The length provided is standard according to the specific model purchased as per packaging)
m. Two pieces of plastic caps for the bottom rod.
n. One 180 degree connector.

Product weight:
Approximate 3.5 Kgs.

All products are delivered by courier TNT/DHL. Please leave a contact number for us to arrange the delivery.

Installation Demos & Manuals:
No paper manual will be provided! Please download the installation video demos or manuals here!

Optional accessaries (Additional charge applied):

Please note we supply the curtain system ONLY, so we do not provide curtain/blinds fabric, which we think is the only item you would like to buy extra to make your curtain/blinds work.

More information about it, please contact us right now!